Recent Informations


Needed documentsAfter submitting the entry-form you will find on the following confirmation page a link for mailing your documents needed for showing that you are allowed to start in the champion class or working class. Clicking on the link will open you a new window within your mail application installed locally on your computer. You can simply attach your documents and send it. Without an installed mail application copy the mail address of the Meldestelle at the confirmation page ( and mail your documents with name of the dog and your entry number(Einlaufnummer).
AnnahmebestätigungenThe confirmation (that your dog can start) will be mailed to you like in previous years. Please write your email address correct and look into your spam-folder and mail paper basket for a mail with subject "Annahmebestätigung CACIB Lingen 2018".
On march 28th, 9.44 o'clock, a mail was sent to all exhibitors, who had not already visited their "Annahmebestätigung" in the past.
All mails for confirmations (Annahmebestätigungen) are sent: 99,4 % via electronic mail and 0,6 % via postal mail.
New VDH-RegulationsThe best graduation in youth class is "Vorzüglich" (excellent), a "Best of Opposite Sex" (BOS) has to be elected. The use of laser pointers is prohibited and advertising for kennels in all rings (on clothes for example) too.
Wohnmobilstellplatz TippFor 28 caravans you can find parking lots in Lingen, Teichstraße (14?). Distance to the exhibition halls is 1,1 km or 15 minutes by feet -> Stellplatz am Freizeitbad Linus